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        Loarding razor barbed wire for venezuela

        Writer:Jasmine LiuNumber of visits: Date:2014-11-13 22:03:57

               On 9th of Nov, we loaded two  20’ containers, there arerazor barbed wire in these  containers. They will be sent toVenezuela . The aim port is La Guaira .


             For the razor barbed wire , it is hot dipped galvanized,the zinc is 120g/m2.  It is razor barbed wire CBT-65, Many clients from south america like this kinds of razor barbed wire.


             We gurantee the best quality and enough weight and best service for our clients.


             Welcome you place the order to the barbed wire, gabion box , grass fence , GI wire, euro fence and other products from our factory!!!

        Jasmine Liu


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