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        barbed wire and nails

        Writer:Jasmine LiuNumber of visits: Date:2014-11-16 22:08:05

        today we loaded four containers of barbed wire, two containers for the barbed wire, two containers for nails.

        for the barbed wire, it is electro galvanized barbed wire.

        #12x14 barbed wire is the major products in phillipines market.

        one 20'could contain about 25tons for 12#x14 barbed wire. it is the traditional barbed wire.

        our factory is the biggest and eariest factory for barbed wire, we could manufacture double twist barbed wire, traditional barbed wire, signal barbed wire and PVC barbed wire.

        for the nails,  it is the electro galvanized nails,  there are twisted nails and plain nails in the boxes,  one 20' could contain 1080boxes of nails.

        welcome purchase barbed wire from our factory!!!

        we could gurantee the best price with the best quality and the enough weight for every clients.

        best regards

        Jasmine Liu



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