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        Maccaferri had developed Steelgrid, a new double twist woven mesh into which steel cables are woven within the double twisted mesh.  The resulting product is midway between a cable reinforced mesh and a steel cable panel, ideal as a surface revetment.  However, the immense economic benefit of Steelgrid is achieved from the fact that two different products can be installed simultaneously (mesh and steel cables), reducing overall project costs and installation time.

        Steelgrid MO (Mono Oriented).

        Steelgrid MO (Mono Oriented) consists of woven mesh where the conventional selvedge wires are replaced by 8mm diameter steel ropes.  An additional 8mm diameter steel rope may be inserted longitudinally midway between the selvedges in the woven mesh.  This system is typical of simple revetment type of applications.

        Specifications -

        Steelgrid MO (Mono Oriented) - 80mmx100mm nominal hexagonally woven mesh, manufactured using a 3.0mmØ Galmac coated wire, with or without PVC (PVC uses a 2.7mmØ wire). 8mmØ steel cables (3 No. at 1.43m centres) are woven longitudinally into the mesh during manufacture to increase the tensile strength of the drapery system and allow for direct load transfer through the cables to the top anchors. Used as a drapery system where block detachments are less than approximately 600mmØ and tensile strengths imposed in the mesh by self weight and debris accumulation at the toe are less than 80kN/m (Factors of Safety must be included dependant on project requirements). Roll sizes are typically 2.86m x 25m but project-specific rolls can be manufactured (provided adequate lead-time to supply is given).

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