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        Geomac non-woven geotextile is manufactured from continuous polypropylene filaments needle-punched to form a structured sheet.  Geomac geotextiles perform three major functions namely separation, filtration or drainage.

        Property Description

        The Geomac product properties set out in the Typical Data Sheet are mean values and are not the maximum or minimum values.  Geomac geotextiles are also manufactured in accordance with the MRS 11.27 "Geotextiles (Separation and Filtration)" as well as the RTA R63 "QA Specification R63 Geotextiles". The characteristic Q values stated are the mean minus 0.83 times the standard deviation as per RTA R63.  Geomac values have been derived from testing over long periods of time and all the testing has been carried out in an NATA accredited laboratory.

        Composition and Environmental Behaviour

        Geomac non-woven geotextiles are composed of 100% polypropylene. They are resistant to all naturally occuring soil alkalis and acids (i.e to acids of pH > 2).

        Biological resistance:
        Geomac is unaffected by bacteria, fungi, etc.  Since it is not a source of nourishment, rats and termites will not eat the product as food.

        Exposure to sunlight:
        Geomac is delivered to site in white polyethylene wrappers.  It is recommended that it remains wrapped until it is installed.

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        Maccaferri is a global leader of double twist wire mesh products and has a rich history of geosynthetics in Australia.  These products have been designed and developed to provide engineers with an extensive range of geosynthetic materials to meet their needs.

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