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        • Name: Euro Fence
        • Number: CP-0010
        • Views : 140

        Material: Low carbon steel wire, Low carbon steel galvanized wire and PVC coated steel wire etc

        Processing: PVC coated/painting, Electro galvanized or hot-dip galvanized after welding of steel wire; Welding of steel wire after PVC coated/painting, Electro galvanized or hot-dip galvanized; Or Electro galvanized or hot-dip galvanized after welding of steel wire and then PVC coated.

        General color: Green RAL 6005 powder coating


        Net Hole Wire Diametermm Lengthm Widthm
        2"×2" 1.5~3.0-1.9~3.5 10-50 0.6-2.1
        2"×3" 1.5~3.2-1.9~3.7
        2"×4" 1.5~3.2-1.9~3.7


        Commercial grounds (Corporation, hotel, supermarket);
        Private grounds (Courtyard, Villadom);
        Public grounds (Park, zoo, train or bus station, lawn);
        Road and transit (Highway, railway or road city transit);
        Used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture, infrastructure, transport, etc.

        Property:Good corrosion resistance, anti-aging, nice appearance, easy and quick installation.

        Fastenings: The panels and posts are special plastic clamp or height strength steel wire clamp. They are easy to install, and very solid.

        Advantages: Beautiful, the fastness is enduring, simple to install.
        The design of horizontal double wire(evenness distributing)has strengthened the fencing, and the wave shape of the wire makes the fencing more beautiful .Rolled welded wire mesh is both beautiful and firm.

        Product Technique Functlon:


        Examination item Parameter Performance standard
        The thin degree ≤5% GB/T 6554
        The thickness of coated 0.5-1.0mm GB/T 6554
        The tensile strength 450-650KGF/mm2. Q/XG01-2005
        The function of winding 1Grade GB/T 6742
        Adhesive force 1Grade GB/T 9286
        The rate of protraction 33.5% Q/XG01-2005
        Manpower accelerating ageing no apparent change GB/T 9344
        chemical media soaking resistance(168h 23±2)10%HCL 10%NaC no apparent change GB/T 11547