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        • Name: Gabion Mesh
        • Number: CP-0025
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        Gabion Mesh

        Gabion mesh, aka twisted-pair grid, grid, green honeycomb wall, gabion etc..

        Gabion mesh metal wire woven angular mesh ( six mesh cage made of angle ), the use of metal wire diameter is based on the size of hexagonal varies. If it is a metal coating, metal wire, wire diameter is used for 2.0mm to4.0mm metal line, if PVC coated metal wire braided angle of six network, uses diameter 3.0mm to 4.5mm PVC ( metal ) line. Outer edge line use ratio of six horn reticle rough on the line.


        Mesh size

         The use of wire diameter ( PVC metal line ID / OD )

        60*80 2.0mm/3.0mm-2.8mm/3.8mm
        80*100 2.2mm/3.2mm-3.0mm/4.0mm
        100*120 2.4mm/3.4mm-3.2mm/4.2mm
        120*150 2.7mm/3.7mm-3.5mm/4.5mm

        (the specific size can be customized according to the engineering design requirements)


        Experts like gabion is because of erosion control solution of hard armor, it means they can provide stronger stability of erosion control protection, gabion mesh as a solution more feasible, more people know the products and accept it.