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        • Name: Saike Gabion
        • Number: CP-0028
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        Saike Gabion,also known as snake dragon craft, conforming to ASTM-A-975 and EN-10223 standard. Saike Gabionis compiled from the machine twisted hexagonal wire mesh to form a cylindrical engineering components filled with stones and other fill material. It is flexible and permeable, so is widely used in sand prevention and river training project.

        Saike Gabionis made from electro-galvanized wire, hot dip galvanized wire, heat galvanized and Al Gore Where the wire, coated wire and other raw materials with mesh loop of 60 * 80, 80 * 100,100 * 120,120 * 150mm and wire diameter range of 2.0-4.0mm. Because of its flexibility, it can play a special role in protection.

        Structure: in order to facilitate the sealing of the sack,Saike Gabionnet is embedded with thick wire while weaving. 


        First, to improve the stability of the riverbed slope.

        Second, to protect the river bed from erosion

        Third, to provide a predetermined value of the riparian rough coefficient

        Fourth, to protect slops, to help afforest banks and to provide ecological protection

        Range of applications:combating desertification, river training and a variety of rescue works.


        The size of the cage mesh bag.

        length of Mesh bag (m) the diameter of the mesh bag (m) volume (m3)
        1.8 0.6 0.54
        2.7 0.6 0.80
        1.8 0.9 1.2
        2.7 0.9 1.80

        (Specific size can be customized according to the engineering design requirements)