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        • Name: Reinforced network
        • Number: CP-0029
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        Reinforced gabion also known as Road cornerstone of the cage net, retaining walls, stone cage net, hanging net, stopped stone mesh belt, mountain safety net.

        types of Reinforced gabion net:

        First, the production of reinforced mesh gabion

        Reinforced mesh refers wire meshes added meshes of the same material in the vertical or parallel direction when weaving. Reinforced hexagonal tablets has higher tensile strength than that of ordinary hexagonal mesh. Diameter of reinforced wire is generally not smaller than the diameter of the edge wire. Installed on the embankment, especially when the basis is in high pressure, it can absorb and weaken the pressure on the cracks generated by traffic

        Second, behind the stone cage net is a mesh or is dragging a mesh

        Reinforced gabion cages are mesh cages followed by a heavy hexagonal mesh, and its mesh is deep in the soil serving as the connection to the mesh cage. With the friction of the soil and mesh, the mesh cage can provide stable stabilizing force, so it is with good the environmental affinity.

        applications of Reinforced Gabion network:

        Reinforced gabion is a new technology of reinforced earth works. Using the basic material of low carbon steel wire, with hot-dip galvanized steel wire and special plastic surface treatment, it has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Weave these steel wires into wire mesh and then make them into different products according to their uses. The products have nice hardness and softness of nature, a good adaptability to the foundation, good shock resistance and resistance to reciprocating loading performance and no creep change problem.

        Reinforced gabion is a strong finished product. Wall and the areas with reinforced wires have no connection links, eliminating the shortcomings of vulnerability of the component node. It has prefabricated construction, is convenient with high efficiency. Wall board thickness is usually 1m (0.5m) of gabion cages, filled with stones. The wall can be vertical or retreating. The retreating part is 0.15 ~ 0.5 m wide and the platform and wall are easy for afforesting.