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        • Name: FIELD FENCE
        • Number: CP-0009
        • 上架时间: 2014-09-03
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        Field fence is the most ideal wire fence for farm and ranch uses. the fence opening can be square, rectangular or spacing. field fence can have many weaving types, such as fixed knot fence, hinge joint fence, square deal knot fence, diamond mesh fence, woven wire fence and chain link field fence. There are very widely range uses and features.

        Classification of fence:
        Agricultural fence (such as horse fencing, livestock panel fence);
        Ranch fence (such as sheep fencing, goat fence, deer fence and cattle fence);
        Grassland fence (such as border fence).

        According to the different materials:
        Aluminum fences, the zinc steel fences, barbed wire fences, electric fences, stakes fence, biological fence, barbed wire fence, cement fence. Aluminum fence and zinc steel fence are most widely use.

        Field fence application:
        Field fence has many widely range uses almost covering each corners in our lives. Field fences are mainly used for barriers in ranch construction, grazing and feeding of animals in agriculture farm and grassland fence;
        Used for protection of natural environment.

        Field fence using features:
        Saving manpower;
        Easy to rational using;
        Style structure design diversified to meet the various needs of different places;
        Flowing lines;
        No need for maintenance.

        Fence shape type:
        V-mesh fence, square deal field fence.

        We have a special Knotted Wire field Fence. Here mainly show the fence new specifications:

        1.Cover - zinc + aluminum.
        2.Diameter of horizontal wire: 2,5mm.
        3.Diameter of vertical wire: 1,9mm or 2,3mm.
        4.Strength of horizontal wire: 1150 or 1350 N/mm2.
        5.Strength of vertical wire: 400 or 500 N/mm2.
        6.Diameter wire at the extreme range: 3mm.
        7.Strength wire at the extreme range: 1050 or 1250 N/mm2.
        8.Roll high 2m.
        9.Cells of the lowest row is small, the top row of cells - the largest, cells grow upward to ensure that no smaller to more larger animals could not pass and climb.

        The most popular specifications

        Square mesh 2.7dia. horizontal, 2.4dia. vertical, vertical twisted twice around the horizontal. Finishing: zinc, rolls of 50 m or 100 m and width 2.85m or 4m.
        • Hot galvanized livestock metal fence panels and PVC wire clip with SS nail for wildlife animal.
        • Field fencing in 14 ga. and 90 inch height and steel T posts.
        • Woven wire ASTM Class III Galvanized
        Top and Bottom wires Min. 12 gauge.
        Intermediate and stay wires Min. 12-1/2 gauge.
        32 inch high, 150 feet/roll.
        • Galvanized after welding field wire & welded wire mesh
        24 inch × 100 inch - 2 inch × 4 inch welded 14 gauge galvanized fence (1.75mm).
        24 inch × 100 inch - 4 inch × 4 inch welded 14 gauge galvanized fence (1.75mm).
        24 inch × 100 inch - 2 inch × 4 inch welded 12 gauge galvanized fence (2.30mm).
        32 inch × 500 inch woven galvanized field wire with six horizontal wires spaced 5 inch + 5.5 inch + 6 inch+ 7 inch+ 8 inch. Top and bottom wire to be 12 gauge (2.03mm), filler wires to be 14 gauge (1.8mm). All verticals are 6 inch apart, hinged knots at the joints.

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