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        • Name: world expo fence
        • Number: CP-0011
        • 上架时间: 2014-09-03
        • Views : 60

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        Vertical column material: Seamless mechanical tubes, the section has a ladder structure (D-shaped tube), the thickness is 2.0mm, the inner part and the outer part of the tube body are subjected to hot galvanizing treatment, the zinc amount is not less than 270g/m2, the unique abnormal shape design is adopted, and the tightness of the vertical column is greatly reinforced and the vertical column is elegant.

        Mesh sheet material: The mesh sheet of the fence is made from hot galvanized steel wires through resistance welding, and the zinc amount of the hot galvanized steel wire is not less than 120g/m2.

        Surface treatment requirement: The vertical columns and the mesh sheets of the World Expo fence are subjected to high-adhesive force polyurethane electrostatic spraying treatment, and basic materials are subjected to spraying, passivation, zinc rich base spraying, first-time solidification, outdoor polyurethane powder electrostatic spraying and second-time solidification treatment. It is required that there are no such spraying quality problems as uneven surface plastic layer, needle holes, sagging, cracks and orange peel.

        Product imaging: The appearance of the World Expo fence is a technical revolution for fence products. When it appeared in World Expo for the first time, the World Expo fence became a beautiful scenery line due to its unique design and bright product line, and it is widely used as the fence of harbors, ports, sightseeing places, enterprises, etc. immediately.

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