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        • Name: French fence
        • Number: CP-0012
        • 上架时间: 2014-09-03
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        Product Features:

        1.Unique design: The French fence is formed by hot galvanized barbed wires and hot galvanized vertical columns. Due to the embedded type hanging hook design, the vertical columns and the protective wires are perfectly combined and form an undetachable whole body. The fence can meet requirements of various fields and also keep elegant appearance and high quality.

        2.Excellent performance: The vertical column base plate is the hot galvanized steel strip, the mesh sheet is made of galvanizing or hot galvanizing steel wires, and the product has high corrosion resistance.

        3.Convenient installation: When the product is installed, no special accessories are needed, the convenient and quick “gradual pushing type” installation method is adopted, and the installation time is greatly saved, so that the installation efficiency is improved.

        4.Supported product: The fence can be used together with gates, and the appearances are orderly, harmonious and uniform.

        5.Surface treatment process: Galvanizing steel strip, steel wire + static polyester spraying treatment, and the high-adhesive force plastic layer is coated, so that the product is acid and alkali resistant and is not affected when it is used outdoors, and its service life is greatly prolonged.


        Eight main series standard colors:

        RAL9010 (white), RAL1021 (yellow), RAL5005 (deep blue), RAL5012 (light blue)
        RAL6005 (dark green), RAL9005 (black), RAL7004 (light gray), RAL7005 (deep gray)

        Other colors are also available according to quantity of cargo and customers’ requirements.

        Product application: It is used as a separation border between the inner part and the outer part of various fields such as municipal works, residential communities, villas and sports stadiums.

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