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  • Name: 358 fence
  • Number: CP-0013
  • 上架时间: 2014-09-03
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Securifor 358 High Security fencing system

Extra length panels for burying 300mm below finished ground level to prevent burrowing are available.
Mesh Pattern: 76.2mm (3") at 12.7mm (0.5") resistance welded at each intersection
Horizontal Wires: 3~6mm diameter at 12.7mm centres
Vertical Wires: 3~6mm diameter at 76.2mm centres
Presentation: Overlapped 75mm minimum at each post for securing with slotted clamp bars and M8 diameter cup square round bolts

Securifor 358 is world renouned for its performance as an anti-climb & anti-cut through barrier, whilst providing the lowest level of visual impact to the surroundings. Designed to give attractive, long lasting and secure perimeter protection for retail,industrial and commercial properties, schools, public utilities and is ideally suited for electronic alarm and detection systems - no blind spots for CCTV. Military, airports, secure units and prisons.

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