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        • Name: Temporary fence
        • Number: CP-0014
        • 上架时间: 2014-09-03
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        Temporary fence panels system

        Temporary Fencing for Security, Construction, or Crowd Control
        Attractive and Sturdy Barricade Fence Panels
        Easy to handle;Simple, one-person installation; transport
        Inside diameter weld ensures no edges to get hung up while loading, unloading, handling
        Extensions are attached to the panels using the same panel clamps that are used to attach panels to each other on the side

        Suggest Specification:


        Panel Size:

        2300mm(L) x 2100mm(H)


        32mm O.D. etc

        Infill Mesh:

        3.5mm horizontal, 3.5mm vertical
        50mm x 50mm spacings  etc


        Hot Dipped Galvanized  before welding ,Galvanized after welding, PVC coating


        Plastic or Metal Temporary fence Feet

        With high quality, heavy duty, long life which will make your Temporary Fence  look great and be saferwith these high visibility coloured feet. They are easier to see which makes them safer as they are less likely to be a tripping hazard for the public.
        Temporary Fence Clamp  (With bolt )
        used to connect panels to each other and to connect no climb extension panels
        3mm thickness or mould according to the clients' requirements.

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